Say Goodbye to Chronic Foot Pain Caused
by Plantar Fasciitis!

These Breakthrough Insoles Are the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

There are more than 20 million people nation-wide that suffer from sore feet! Experiencing stabbing aches and pains in your feet that only seem to get worse throughout the day is no fun, and can be a sign of plantar fasciitis. The good news is, there’s now a simple and affordable solution for this condition!

Caresole® insoles are your source of relief from daily foot pain! Developed with insights from leading podiatry experts, these patented insoles will soothe and protect your feet, so you can get back to an active, pain-free lifestyle.

  • Caresoles® work to heal your feet by realigning and supporting every part of your foot:
    • Podair™ gel technology protects your heels from nerve and tissue damage
    • Advanced arch support offers relief for both flat and high arch feet
    • Shock-absorbing pads gently massage the soles of your feet as you walk
  • Relieve pain - Caresole® insoles are designed to alleviate pain caused by foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, as well as heel spurs, achilles tendonitis, mortons neuroma, and more!
  • Reduce stress - By removing the strain on your feet, Caresole® insoles will help to relax your entire body and your mind.
  • Lighter than air - Caresole® insoles are made from a breathable material with natural airflow designed to keep your feet cool and dry.
  • A perfect fit - Caresole® insoles are one-size-fits-all and can be trimmed for any type of shoe, regardless of size or width.


“Approximately 10% of the United States general population experiences bouts of heel pain, which results in 1 million visits per year to medical professionals for treatment of plantar fasciitis.”

  • - James McGuire, DPM, Clinical Professor at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine
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Here’s Why Customers Love Caresole…

Support, Protect, and Relieve Your Feet with Caresole!

The Only Insoles Proven to Treat and Protect Against Plantar Fasciitis
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Question: What causes Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a very common injury that affects the heels of your feet. The arches of your feet are supported by tissue known as the “plantar fascia". If you strain your feet too much, this damages the tissue.

If you experience stabbing heel and foot pain that only seems to get worse throughout the day—chances are you have plantar fasciitis.

Question: Are Caresole insoles only beneficial for people with Plantar Fasciitis?

No, Caresole insoles are for those who would like to get back to a pain-free life, be active again and also help support the foot before plantar fasciitis occurs. 

Question: Are Caresole insoles intended for men or women?

Both! We have developed two different sizes, one for women, one for men.

Mens insoles are made to give optimal relief up to men's size 11 and if they are too long can be cut to size.
Womens insoles are made to give optimal relief up to women's size 8 and if they are too long can be cut to size.

Question: What sizes do Caresole insoles come in?

They come in two different sizes, one for women, one for men. Just cut to size after purchase!

Mens insoles are made to give optimal relief up to men's size 11 and if they are too long can be cut to size.
Womens insoles are made to give optimal relief up to women's size 8 and if they are too long can be cut to size.

Question: How do I trim the insoles?

Easy! Use a pair of scissors for the best cut! Layout your old insoles on top of caresole. Trace around the edge, and cut to size. 

Question: Can I transfer my Caresole insoles between different shoes?

Yes, as long as they are properly sized for the others shoes. If the insoles slide around inside the shoes, they may have been cut too small. 

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Selection applies to your entire order. Insoles can be trimmed for size adjustment.

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